Tips to Selling

with Instagram

You could consider Instagram to be the new kid on the block still as far as social media is concerned. However, the fact that businesses can sell products on Instagram has made its value even more. Having launched some Instagram E-commerce products such as ‘shoppable media,’ the future of Instagram as a brand and vendors selling through Instagram is set to be even brighter.

Although Instagram joined the social media frenzy a bit late in the game, it has undoubtedly done well as a brand. Facebook was started in 2004, followed by Twitter in 2006, and then Pinterest came along in January of 2010. 

Although not so new, we still consider Instagram to be relatively new as it was founded on October 6, 2010. That being the case, this brand has done incredibly well for itself as it keeps evolving and becoming even more relevant to small scale businesses today.

Presently Instagram has clocked the milestone of having more than 1 billion users. This is a far cry from the photo-sharing app that started with very humble beginnings.

What is


In case you haven’t become a fan of social media, and you do not use it all, it may not be surprising that you may fail to know what Instagram is and how it works. 

Instagram is a photo-sharing app crafted around sharing photos and videos. As mentioned above, it’s relatively new. Facebook purchased the app back in 2012 and has owned it since.

Why Instagram has become of particular interest in marketing and selling products, is because it allows you to follow users who are of interest to you. What this does is it creates a feed on the home page that in turn displays recent posts from the users that you follow.

Now Instagram also supports stories in addition to photos and videos. Because this social media platform also supports direct messaging and allows you to engage with friends in private, it has become quite a hit with small businesses in driving consumer engagement.

How does

it work?

There is a desktop site for Instagram, which is browsable, but this social platform is more effective and was built for smartphones running on either Android or iOS. 

Assuming you are not on social media, and you would like to get started on Instagram, you can do so by logging in with Facebook or provides your name, email address and then create a user and a password.

After that, you will need to either download Instagram for window 10 or Instagram for iOS or Instagram for Android depending on what OS your device runs on. 

You will go ahead to set a profile and upload your photos and videos as well as put up posts. You can also choose people to follow by simply hitting the follow button; this way, their posts, and the content will appear on your home tab. People who want to follow you or your business will have to ask your permission, and you can opt to grant them access or not. In essence, you have control of who you let in to follow you. 

How does Instagram

apply to your business?

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. In the case of a small business, Instagram is the perfect vehicle to share your products and communicate to your already established customer while wooing new ones to your business fold through the powerful language of pictures.

Instagram is relevant to your business because of its massive user base of up to 1 billion active users a month. It such a statistic as this that should prompt you to start seeing Instagram as a veritable marketing tool as well as a viable selling channel.

How to sell through


Instagram has been getting better and better with recent notable releases that allow you to sell with Instagram seamlessly. The most notable one is Instagram’s launch of shoppable media that is transforming how e-commerce brands utilize this social media platform.

The ‘shoppable post’ feature is a big deal for e-commerce because it allows brands to tag a product within a post. Why is this important? It is vital to your online store because, with only three clicks, a user will be able to go from your post to your online store or website ‘add to cart’ section to make a purchase. 

For someone who understands the power of pictures and the potential that Instagram provides in driving traffic and possible sales to your online store, this is huge!

Shopify and

social media

Setting up an online store with Shopify positions you for success in the online retail space. Regarding social media and its advertising and selling power, Shopify comes with full social media integration. What this means is that through your Shopify account, you can easily integrate social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

For instance, Shopify now allows you the capability of selling through Facebook. Your buyers can buy your merchandise through Facebook without having to even log on to your Shopify account. Likewise, as a Shopify store owner, now you can leverage Instagram storytelling ability and Photo sharing prowess to drive more traffic to your site.

With the new Instagram Shoppable post feature, more users who like your products will land on your store at the ‘add to cart’ in just three clicks, increasing your chances at for higher sales conversions.

Use Instagram to drive traffic and sales

An online store such as Shopify that is integrated with social media platforms like Instagram can use this platform to improve customer engagement, drive shop traffic, and ultimately boost sales.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Create great content

  • Write unique captions
  • Research and use the most optimized hashtags
  • Integrate shoppable posts on your feed

When using Instagram, you want to maintain a decent ratio of product photos to shoppable post so as not to inundate your feed with product shots. Maintaining about 20 to 30 percent of product photos is a good strategy towards keeping your followers engaged.


Online store owners are now beginning to pick up on the power of Instagram as a marketing, selling, and effective consumer engagement tool. The fact that Instagram has well over 1 billion users currently and is continually innovating more fun ways to share video and photos, should be enough to grab your attention, especially if you are an online retailer.  For more information about selling on social media, click here!

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