Customers will ultimately require paying for products or services they buy on Shopify stores. That’s why Shopify has multiple payment options, both online and offline. While many Shopify payment options are popular and offer lower transaction fees, others come with high transaction fees since they are not directly integrated into Shopify e-commerce website builders. Some of the common payment options integrated with Shopify are discussed below:

Payment options integrated with Shopify E-commerce website builder: PayPal.

PayPal is a trusted third-party payment option because it’s popular and allows instant payments. In case customers’ encounter problems with PayPal, direct communication can be made to resolve them. It’s pretty easy to create a PayPal account. You need an email address and a strong password, and you’re good to go. Also, PayPal has invested in the best security system out there, which is why it’s hard to catch any news about PayPal hack.

Payment options integrated with Shopify E-commerce website builder: Credit cards

Credit cards are the most popular payment options. Pretty much everyone who owns a bank account has a credit card. The cool part about credit cards, such as Visa Card and MasterCard, is that they enable money transfers across the world. That means customers can buy your products from anywhere in the world.

Payment options integrated with Shopify E-commerce website builder: Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments offer one of the simplest ways to receive payments on the web. It gets rid of the hassle of having to set up a third-party payment option and having to key in your credentials on the Shopify platform.

Payment options integrated with Shopify E-commerce website builder: Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payment option owned by the retail giant Amazon. It was launched in 2007 and utilizes the large consumer base of Amazon. It offers individuals the opportunity to pay for products and services with their Amazon accounts on external merchant sites. Shopify has also integrated Amazon into their platform, and so you can utilize it on your e-commerce platform.


As Shopify puts restrictions on other methods of payments by increasing their transaction fees, the burden will always be on the customer. Therefore, choosing to open an account with Shopify payment will ease accessibility; reduce additional costs that will save customers lots of money in the long run, which they can direct to other investments.