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Merits and Demerits of Using SITE123 Free Ecommerce Website Builder

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If you were about to create your e-commerce website with SITE123 free e-commerce website builder, take a step back and check out its upsides and downsides: Merits of using SITE123 free e-commerce website builder SITE123 free e-commerce website builder offers excellent SEO Results. Site123 free e-commerce website builder comes already optimized for SEO. You do not [...]

Why It Is Time to Stay Away from Free E-commerce Website Builders

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When the term ‘’free’’ is mentioned, lots of people get scared thinking that whatever is being offered is of questionable quality. The same applies to free e-commerce website builders. Customers know that free e-commerce website builders offer services that are not on par or that there is always a hidden cost. So when you use a [...]

Payment Options That Are Integrated with Shopify E-commerce Website Builder.

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Customers will ultimately require paying for products or services they buy on Shopify stores. That's why Shopify has multiple payment options, both online and offline. While many Shopify payment options are popular and offer lower transaction fees, others come with high transaction fees since they are not directly integrated into Shopify e-commerce website builders. Some of [...]